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Product Name: Auxx Lift

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Most of us face issues while lifting items and climbing a ladder. It may also be dangerous, time-consuming and back-breaking due to lifting things. Are you looking for something that assists in eliminating cluttered floor? This product that I am going to talk about will put an end to your problem of climbing a ladder to access items on a storage rack. Do you want to know more detailed info about Auxx Lift?

What is Auxx Lift?

Auxx Lift is an easy retrieval motorise storage system that assists in moving items up and down for easy access and storing. The electrical engineers have designed this mobile home storage system to help its customers in every possible way. Auxx Lift is convenient, space-efficient and caters an aesthetically pleasing design. Auxx Lift has been developed by many revisions and product testings using the UL-standards that make it safe and trouble-free to be used. This revolutionary home improvement and storage product have many adopted unique features such as remote control.

Auxx Lift Specifications:

  • Attractive scratch resistant finish
  • Auxx Lift is made of durable steel
  • This product is assembled and designed in America
  • It consists of 2 powerful 50 Torque motors.
  • It has extra redundancy as a safety feature
  • Auxx Lift is more flexibility to optimize the storage potential.
  • Impressive wireless remote
  • Three support beams, durable C-channel heavy-duty rack

How to Install Auxx Lift?

The process of installation is straightforward, and it usually takes a professional installer to do it about 2 hours. Auxx Lift contains unique ceiling mounting brackets that can be installed perpendicular to the garage ceiling’s joist. Auxx Lift has two struts installed in which it has at least of 4 ceilings supports for extra redundancy and the bolts used are ¼ inches. All it requires 5 x 8 ft area.

What is Special About Auxx Lift?

  • Auxx Lift was designed to offer maximum storage, safety, convenience and a strikingly attractive design.
  • It eliminates the shortcomings of similar products like the unclean design, low-quality components and safety issues.
  • As an added feature, it has a wireless remote with three extra support beams that can be used for stable performance.
  • Auxx Lift is attractive, safe economical and convenient overhead storage solution with the industrial quality design.
  • More importantly, it has an adjustable height for greater convenience and the vast range of storage options.
  • In addition to such features, an unbeatable pricing, and by blending durability, highest quality parts and impressive design.

Benefits of Installing Auxx Lift:

  • Auxx Lift is a well-designed and remote controlled storage lift system.
  • It makes your home adding elegance, style and beauty.
  • This product increases the value of your home, look and feel.
  • Auxx Lift is ideal for storing keepsakes, hobby-gear and décor cluttering your home.
  • This product offers a 3-year warranty.
  • It comfortably fits in any garage.

Drawbacks of Installing Auxx Lift:

  • The assembling and building the lift can be time-consuming.
  • You want to have a footprint on the ceiling of 5 ft. (width) x 9 ft.

Final Thoughts:

Auxx Lift may be a simple idea, but believe me or not it can impact your home in a big way. This impressive and decorative storage system assist in lifting and storing up to 400 pounds of weight. I’m so impressed with this product! You have nothing to worry or risk here. Auxx Lift offers you 3-year of warranty with 100% satisfaction guarantee with easy returns in just 60 days. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can directly ask for a refund. Go for it today!

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