CineMood Review

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CineMood Review

The digital world is captivating and addictive. Movies, games, television shows, streaming videos everything has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. One such evolution is CineMood, a wonderful option to get entertained at the convenience of your home.

With the advancement of technology, you can explore a customized way to watch, read and listen and CineMood gives you exactly that opportunity where you can unwind at your own pace and find the perfect recreation with your family and kids. Read the review to learn more about the fantastic device.

About CineMood:

CineMood is a product of innovative digital technology in the segment of entertainment. The optical device creates a movie theater at home through its screen. CineMood is a portable family projector that creates charming cinematic moments with pre-loaded animations, audio stories, E-books, shadow puppet games, academic lessons, etc. It is your one-stop entertainment destination that is attached to a regularly-updated cloud library. By using a USB drive, you can play your favorite films and TV shows.

CineMood presents the best resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio to give a unique entertainment experience wherever you carry it with you. So just attach your DVD player to the home projector, pressing on the power buttons, and you can explore a whole new world of entertainment.

You can choose from CineMood 3-in-1 Magic Cinema, CineMood Combo, CineMood Ultimate Pack, KikOriki, HooplaKidz, Om Nom, and Kit n Kate.

What are the amazing features of CineMood?

Technical Characteristics: The device has a

  • Dimension: 3,14” х 3,14” х 3,14”

  • Diagonal: 70’’

  • Battery: Up to 5hours of battery life

  • Micro-USB support

  • Audio output 3.5 mm

  • Built-In 2.5W speaker

  • Built-In Microphone

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Max charging: 2.0mA

Screen Size: Upto 150” high definition (HD) monitor.

Images: The images are projected through a 12-feet HD screen having a 1080p resolution. You will get crystal clear pictures and amazing digital experience.

Unlimited Entertainment: The device comes equipped with pre-loaded animations, digital books, audio classes, puppet shows and much more which ensures you can utilize your leisure hours in an optimum way. The best thing about all these entertainment programs is that they are available in multiple languages and you can opt for the one which you like the most. There is also a digital library that consists of 40 Disney E-books and 25+ videos for 120 hours of unlimited entertainment. You can have a wonderful time with 75+ episodes of fun cartoons, plus lots more endearing e-books, popular lullabies, and even hand shadow puppets and make your leisure time enjoyable.

Huge Storing Capacity: The gadget has a huge 32GB of inbuilt internal memory which you can use for storing your files or photos.

Interactive Features: The device consists of amazing interactive features like cognitive games, video messages, voice control, and 360 AR content that makes it a useful device to possess for any user.

Functionality: You can operate the portable device by using the convenient remote control that comes with it. There is an assistant button with which you can enhance the functionality of the gadget.

Connectivity: Can be connected to Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 4.0

CineMood ReviewsPROS:

  • Portable and can be carried easily even when you are traveling

  • Affordable pricing with $34 per month

  • Anytime access

  • User-friendly

  • Can be used offline if you have downloaded NETFLIX content into your gadget from the internet. You can upload videos, photos, slide-shows and anything you want.

  • Get access to YouTube once you have a personal account on NETFLIX.


The device is not appropriate for you if you have eye problems.

CineMood Video

Final Verdict:

I would strongly recommend to everyone who is looking for a smart alternative to a tablet computer and want to have a theater-like ultimate viewing experience at home. It is a complete family entertainer and having it means finding the ultimate gateway to entertainment.

Right from movies to E-books, you can do anything. The possibilities are endless with CineMood. Buy it now from Amazon or Indiegogo or BestBuy. Hurry, if you don’t place your order now, you will surely regret yourself later.


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