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Most of us are fascinated with the idea of making our craft cocktails. We often find ourselves online searching for recipes to perfect the art of mixing drinks. However, on many occasions, we start losing our enthusiasm due to the complicated methods, hard to find ingredients or even expensive large bottles that are just left on the shelves. SaloonBox brings you the most extraordinary opportunity to create cocktails within the comfort of your homes at the most competitive prices and without any hassle.

Know about SaloonBox

Headquartered in San Francisco, SaloonBox was founded with the objective of delivering unique solutions for preparing craft cocktails with the best DIY cocktail kits. Since their inception, they have been curating the best recipes and ingredients in association with eminent mixologists from across the nation. The reason behind their immense popularity is that they offer complete kits, where there are no missing ingredients. Each package includes two simple, yet delightful recipes and the quantity of the elements allow you to make a total of 4 servings, i.e. 2 for each recipe.

They have focused on offering reasonable costs to encourage your interests in mixology. If you want to show off your mad skills at mixing drinks, then Saloonbox is the ultimate destination for you.

How does SaloonBox work?

At SaloonBox, you can either opt for a one time purchase or subscription plans for the outstanding cocktail kits. If you decide on a one time purchase of a SaloonBox, then your credit card gets charged only once, and you receive the package at the mailing address.

All the subscription plans on SaloonBox are auto-renewing. It means that until you cancel or make changes to your program by logging into your account, your card will be automatically charged and you will receive the box for that particular month. Keep in mind that you need to cancel before the end of the month since their policy is to charge the card on the first of every month going forward. Furthermore, there is no membership fees or minimum commitment. You can even choose to skip the delivery for any month in advance.

Four subscription plans available on SaloonBox are:

  • Month to Month
  • 3 Month Prepay
  • 6 Month Prepay
  • 12 Month Prepay
  • Apart from the cocktail kits, SaloonBox offers other products to assist you in your endeavour such as mixology starter sets, champagne glasses, etc.

What will you find in the SaloonBox Cocktail Kit?

  • 2 Recipe Cards – It contains the details of the recipe, and on the back, you will find information on the mixologist, drink as well as techniques behind the cocktail.
  • Envelope – Checklist of every ingredient and a description of each featured component.

Furthermore, the package will include small-batch syrups, bitters, garnishes, and more. SaloonBox offers small sizes of top-shelf spirits that are usually not available in the market. You might even find a free bar tool inside your kit as a surprise.

What are the benefits that you can avail on SaloonBox?

  • Exceptional Gifts – On SaloonBox, you can take advantage of the fantastic gifting options, that includes subscriptions, custom kits, bar tools, gift cards, and more. Your unique gift will surely leave an everlasting impression. Additionally, you can also choose to include a gift note inside the packages.
  • Affordable Prices – SaloonBox has introduced the most reasonable rates for DIY craft cocktail kits. They ship the ingredients in small quantities, which has enabled them to offer the lowest prices possible.
  • Additional information – You can obtain valuable information on the SaloonBox website as well as inside the kits delivered to you. The packages include details on the mixologists, story behind the ingredients, recipe, and much more.
  • Extremely Convenient – SaloonBox has made it effortless for us to try our hands on the skills of crafting cocktails. You don’t need to keep searching for ingredients or spend an enormous amount on big bottles for experimenting with different recipes.
  • Excellent Recipes – You can access exciting, seasonal recipes, which has been created by favourite mixologists. These easy to follow recipes are guaranteed to blow your mind away with creativity and taste.
  • No skills required – You don’t need to be an expert in the art of mixing drinks or have extensive knowledge in it. SaloonBox does all the work for you by putting together a balanced range of recipes and ingredients and presents you with the exceptional opportunity to become a pro in the field of mixology. Even if you are an expert, you now have the chance to experiment different recipes by some of the top bartenders.

What are the drawbacks that you may experience on SaloonBox?

  • SaloonBox does not incorporate fresh fruits into their cocktail kits due to occasional delays in shipping. However, they compensate for it by including artisan fruit syrups and various other exciting ingredients into the recipes. Furthermore, if a method requires a lemon or lime, they take it upon themselves to inform beforehand so that you can have one in your stock.
  • At present, shipping of SaloonBox cocktail kits is not available in the states of Alaska, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Utah.

How to place an order on SaloonBox?

To place an order, just create an account on the website of SaloonBox, and add the shipping address and billing information. Additionally, you need to ensure that at the delivery time, someone over the age of 21 is present to receive the package to sign and show ID proof of age. Hence, it is highly recommended to include your business address as the shipping destination, since, after 2-3 attempts of delivery, the package will be returned to SaloonBox. Extra Shipping charges may apply to re-ship the package.


SaloonBox lets you access to the most superior quality ingredients and detailed recipes to experiment successfully. Hence, sharpen your mixing skills efficiently without spending big bucks and indulge your passion for making craft cocktails. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab your opportunity now!

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